The Shiny Shell

David Hubbard

 I reside in Silver Spring, MD with my wife and children. I met Marcie at The University of Maryland where we both graduated with a B.A. degree in Studio Art. I have worked as a metal sculptor, songwriter and musician with the local band Sky High Radio.  I am a long time environmental activist.  I have become increasingly concerned as the facts about pollution and global warming have become more universally accepted by the scientific community, and yet we don’t seem to be doing anything about it. This book is dedicated to the next generation who will have to deal with these issues that they have inherited from us. 

Marcie Wolf-Hubbard

I am very happy to present my paintings in this edition of The Shiny Shell.  My art includes work in mixed media & found objects; encaustic painting/collage; and figurative abstraction.  I chose to illustrate The Shiny Shell in encaustics (hot wax) as working in layers of wax allows the viewer to see my drawing through transparent layers of wax. Most of the story takes place underwater and the wax gives my drawings an underwater feel.  I love working in encaustics and tend to focus on the palette and drawing.

I have received numerous awards and special recognition from arts organizations, and have extensive experience working with the school arts program. I conduct artist residencies with children and adults, including individuals with special needs. My paintings have been exhibited in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.  I have illustrated for magazines and books, as well as worked as a courtroom illustrator.  I am an instructor at Glen Echo Park and teach art in my studio for children and adults at The Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center in Silver Spring, MD.

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